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Witchcraft and the Cubs

The song "Witchcraft" was originally composed as an instrumental piece by Cy Coleman for the revue Take Five. Lyrics were later added by Carolyn Leigh, and "Witchcraft" was subsequently recorded by Frank Sinatra in May 1957, in an arrangement by Nelson Riddle.

Crooner Dave Impey, a denizen of Chicago’s nightclubs and black-tie circuit throughout the Eighties and Nineties, altered Leigh's lyrics for the Lovable Losers Literary Revue to turn that classic song into his own playful rendition about the Chicago Cubs' long history of losing.

A few lines of the lyrics from Impey's version of "Witchcraft":

Although I pray the Cubbies won't lose,

They always finds a way to choke.

Must we really blame that ole billy goat?

Or are the Cubs just born to lose?

It's been one hundred years

And 15 billion beers,

But maybe this could be THE YEAR.

Now watch Impey's live performance of the song for the final installment of the Lovable Losers Literary Revue at El Jardin Restaurant on September 8, 2008.

Witchcraft and the Cubs from Randy Richardson on Vimeo.

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