For Whom the Bell Dickie Noles
Friday, April 11, 2008 at 09:35PM
Lovable Losers Literary Revue in Poetry

By Dave Hoekstra
An original prose poem on Cubs events on or around April 9
For the Loveable Losers Literary Revue

dickienoles1L.JPG'Twas the 9th of April in '83 was when Dickie Noles spoke to me
The Cubs lost 8-4 in Cincinatteeeeeee
After the game there was a tavern brawl and Dickie took the fall
Charged with assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.
My sentence with the Cubs.

'Twas the 9th of April in '91, Danny Jackson at Wrigley
Who could forget?
The Cardinals scored 3 runs off DJ in the 8th
I lost a bet
42 degrees on a cloudy, dark day, I couldn't find my way.
My sentence with the Cubs.

Ah, but there was April 9 of '69
Billy Williams hit four straight doubles to tie a major league record
And the Cubs scored 7 runs in the 7th to beat the Phillies
Good luck would come, don¹t be silly.
My sentence with the Cubs.
On the 9th of April in '81, Ken Reitz made his Cubs debut.
He went 3 for 3 and excited me.
But Lee Mazzilli hit a two run home run off of Big Daddeee
So Mets beat the Cubs 2-0 in the first year the Cubs were on cable.
Was that the year Ray's Bleachers took out the pool table?
My sentence with the Cubs.

But sweet revenge came through on April 9 of '82
In the home opener Fergie appeared in his first Cubs game since '73
Cubs beat the Mets 5-0, but the goat had been set free.
Sam Sinais took a goat around the field to reverse the curse
Is there anything worse?
My sentence with the Cubs.

OKAY, it was April 8 in 1960 ----the Cubs traded Ron Perranoski to L.A.
For Don Zimmer, a dude who played the game the right way.
Zim moved to 2nd for a rookie named Santo. Oh-NO!
In his first at bat as a Cub, a home run was hit by Zimmer.
HEY HEY! There was a glimmer.
My sentence with the Cubs.

'Twas 4/9/99 when a pinch homer was hit by Glenallan Hill.
Though the Cubs lost, he gave the Pittsburgh crowd a thrill.
He set a season record with four pinch fighters.
Despite the fact the big guy was afraid of spiders.
My sentence with the Cubs.

April 9 of '74, day after Hank Aaron hit 715
Bill Bonham was starting, got to Wrigley at 1:15
Home opener Bonham beat the Phils 2 to zero
Cubs went on to lose 96 games without a hero.
Unless you count Oscar Zamora.
My sentence with the Cubs

On the 7th of April in 1933 prohibiition ended
It became much more difficult to see.
Hack Wilson left the Cubs in 1932
And by 1934 his career was through.
Lets have a beer.

My sentence with the Cubs.

Dave Hoekstra is a consummate Chicago guy, keeping up this town’s fine journalistic tradition for the past 23 years, and every bit the equal of the great ones hanging in the unofficial Hall of Fame at the original Billy Goat. He writes honestly and respectfully, and with great humor, about this town’s cultural life, from music to travel to Our Cubs. The best of his travel columns have been collected in a wonderful book called, "Ticket To Everywhere"; he is a witty and insightful contributor to "The Unofficial Guide To Chicago"; he also authored, "Farm Aid: A Song For America". Most importantly, he has been in the stands for 36 straight Home Openers running, and is a key witness to all that has gone wrong for so long.

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